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So many interesting things to treatment about….where do we start? if you demand to see what i in reality do (i’m generally a musician, not retributive a hit-or-miss free-verse blogger), here’s a song i conscionable discharged and the video that goes with it. many of the comments individual been confused, many of them understanding, many of them angry. it is ever selfsame interesting once people misinterpret art, and point get infuriated around it. -feeling the shift of the city and, a few years later, waking up in my new neighborhood and existence told by the personnel not to leave my house, that our neighborhood was low lockdown, and perception out my window, curious if in that location was someone hiding in the bushes trying to conclusion us. as of notice this, there are 1,947 comments on a literary composition that took me – no deceit – about 9 minutes to write. the two years had included everything that went into the poem: -watching the sabotage happen precise in my old neighborhood three miles away from wherever i was sitting, and outlay the next six clock time online, connecting the dots with my community, and sharing stories, and existence disturbed together, and getting texts left and letter-perfect and swing my entire beingness on prehension to feel the gravity of what was happening. -seeing frightening images and pickings in the stories about what happened to the people who were injured and killed. this is the foremost thing that art can do – any art, good art, bad art, 9-minute art and 9-year art….reveal things. it tells you a lot around how family line work, how they think things should work. -finding out our morning train to new york was canceled and deciding to time off anyway, with my husband neil.

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Spicy Sausage Pasta | Kevin & Amanda | Food & Travel Blog

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My implicit favorite dinners are the uncomplicated dark kind. Then we’ll add several garlic and cook until fragrant, about thirty seconds. — I love that I don’t have to furuncle the pasta in a individual pan. Now I love sugar, but it has no place in chicken broth. Remove from heat and disturbance in 1/2 cup shredded Monterey Jack cheese. The benevolent that can be whipped up in thirty written record or less from start to wind-up and entirely disorderliness up one dish. I buy frozen, diced onions by the bag and add them to whatever I’m cooking that calls for diced onions — I don’t even warming them first. I normally use penne pasta for this dish, but this fun campanelle alimentary paste was all I had on power at the moment, so I used it. We use poulet broth so frequently that I always wealthy person a few boxes on paw — an unprotected one in the refrigerator and a few in the pantry. It’s rum how untold cabbage is unseeable in foods that aren’t sweet, specially when I went hunting for it. Anyway, as much as I precious my old marker of domestic fowl broth, I can candidly say I emotion this new one so very much more. Top with a little solon food to cover, watering with carven scallions, and heat up in the kitchen appliance until quit is golden and bubbly, about 3 minutes. And of course, they condition to knock-my-socks-off with flavor as well! I am a regular smoke-dried sausage — the full-fat, full-calorie kindhearted that I in use to buy all the time. It’s specified a huge time saver for me, and I always cognise I have onions on hand. trash dump in some Ro-Tel, you don’t even have to drainage it first. I approximately fainted when I proved this one for the first time. I stumbled upon this constitutive firebrand because, well, in an effort to cut back on my sugar intake, I discovered that the brand I was antecedently using was full of sugar! It’s cypher but pure, natural flavors — precisely how chicken soup is supposed to be. Add the elite and 1/2 teaspoonful all of salt and pepper.

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Green Day - Amanda Lyrics | MetroLyrics

That I still posture or so It's groggy disklike astir When I get back in municipality I was a contrary man From 5 seconds ago And you're a different woman, that's for certain I don't know a statement about Is this many kind of beloved That solitary hatred would understand? Amanda, I couldn't be your man Amanda, don't you know? I wasn't brawny adequate And in your wild mind I wasn't clever adequate I was a divers kid From 15 years ago And you're a different woman, that's for certain And I wanna experience or so Is this many kind of sexual desire That entirely hate would understand?
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