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Latin litany blessed virgin

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a ab abs: (prep abl) numbers - investigating from.a ab abs: (prep abl) separation - out of (one out of many).a ab abs: (prep abl) in instrumentation with, with compliments to.a ab abs: (prep abl) with resistless verbs - by, because.a ab abs: (prep abl) space- from, by from.a ab abs: (prep abl) moment - from, since, after.abalienato: transfer of property, alienation.abavus: great-great-grandfather.abbas abbatis: father /abbot.abbatia: abbey, monastery.abdico: to renounce, freeze off / give up / disapprove of.abdo: put away, take out / hide, conceal.abdomen: adipose tissue / gluttony.abduco: to lead, or proceeds away/ detach, withdraw.abeo: to pass, to have been.abeo: to digress / occurrence / vanish, disappear.abeo: in: to be changed.abeo: to go away, give up /depart from life, die.aberro: to wander, deviate, escape.abhinc: ago, back from now, henceforth, hereafter.abhorreo: to shudder.abicio: to propulsion down, dispense with, get rid of /dishearten, weaken.abico: to humble, solid aside.abiego: to send away away, direct off.abigo: to cause off, drive away, rustle cattle, steal.abiungo: to unharnass/ separate, detach.abiuro: to abnegate by oath.abluo: to wash, clean, cleanse.abnego: to deny, refuse.abnepos: great-great-grandson.abnocto: to spend the time period out, to human activity by all night.abnuo: to deny.aboleo: to destroy, abolish, annul, do away with, obliterate, efface.abolesco: to die, perish, vanish.abominor: to abhor, hate, detest, abominate.aborior: to set (as in "the sun sets").abortio: miscarriage.abortivus: one untimely born.abrogo: to repeal, annul, remove, occupy away.abrumpo: to break off, sever, remove, dissociate, separate.abruptio: separation, divorce.abscedo: to go away, depart, leave.abscido: to cut off, to separate, take away.absconditus: hidden, concealed.abscondo: to hide, conceal, secrete.absens, absentis: (adj.) absent, missing, away, gone.absisto: to go away, desist.absit: "god forbid, "let it be far from the long whist of the faithful".absorbeo: to swallow, drink down, bring away, engross.absque: ( ablative) without, except.abstergo: to wipe out off, cleanly away.abstulo: to take away, withdraw.absum: to be absent, be away, be missing, be gone.abundans: abundant, overflowing, abounding in.abundantia: abundance, bounty, plenty.abunde: in corking profusion, profusely, abundantly.abutor: to make full use of, to abuse.abutor: to use offensive word / use a linguistic unit incorrectly.abyssus: hell, abyss, =atque and.accedo: to approach, come near /(things) to be added.accelero: to quicken, hasten, speed /accelerate.accendo: to kindle, illuminate, inflame.accendo: to rouse up, arouse, excite, incite.acceptius: suitable for receiving.acceptus: welcome, pleasant, agreeable.accersitus: summoned, called.accido: to fall down /to happen, come along / to hack, hew /to ruin.accido: destroy.accipio: cepi, ceptum, to receive, accept, take.accipio: to excogitate oneself indebted, receive, learn, take.acclivius: well-disposed.accommodo: to adjust, adapt, accommodate oneself.accredo: to expect unconditionally, acquire wholeheartedly.accubo: to recline at table, dine.accumulo: to add to a heap, accumulate, amass.accusator: accusor, plaintiff.accuso: to accuse, blame, find fault with.acer: stinging, violent, bitter.acer: sharp, keen, eager, severe, fierce.acerbitas: harshness, bitterness, anguish.acerbus: bitter, gloomy, dark.acerbus: shrill, rigorous.acervus: a heap, mass.acidus: sharp, sour.acies: keeness, edge, sharpness, battle-line, battlefield.acies: army, wing of a formation.acquiesco: to repose, agree to, agree.acquiro: to acquire, gain, get, obtain.acriter: * vehemently, forcefully.acsi: as if, (Herimann p. 283, 293).actio: to act.actus: flying through.adamans: steeled, unyielding, adamant, stubborn, intransigeant.adamo: to fall in love with, find sex activity in.adapto: adapt, adjust, reordering ready, or fit.adaugeo: to make greater, add, increase, augment.addo: to give, bring, place, / inspire, cause,/ add, join.adduco: to lead, induce, persuade, bring.ademptio: a fetching away.adeo: (adverb) so far, to that point, so much, so long, etc.adeo: to such a point, so much an extent, so far, so long.adeo: to approach, visit, travel to, undertake.adeptio: attainment, obtaining, achievement.adepto: to obtain, get, acquire.adfectus affectus: (fr. adficio) influenced, worked upon.adfero affero: to cause, bring about, contribute.adfero affero: to bring news, story / apply, bring to bear.adficio: to affect, afflict, weaken, sap, exhaust, drain.adflicto affligo: to injure, weaken, discourage, damage, break.adhaero: to hang to, stick to, adhere.adhaero: to stick, cleave, secure, keep approximate to.adhuc: work then, till now, still, regular now, besides, also, yet.adicio: to direct, address, come to / to throw to.adimpleo: to fulfill, perform, carry out.adinvenio: to devise.adinventio: to invention.adipiscor: to come up to, overtake, obtain.adipiscor: to acquire, arrive at, reach.aditus: entrance, ingress.adiutorium: assistance, help, aid, assistance.adiuvo: to help, aid, assist, succor.adjicio: to add, to turn towards, change towards, suggest.adjungo: to join connect.adminiculum: assistance, aid.administratio: bighearted of help, administration, government.administro: to guide, effectuate (food).admiratio: wonder, astonishment, surprise, admiration.admiror: to query at, admire, marvel at, be astonied at.admitto: to admit, receive.admoneo: admonish, advise.admoneo: to urge or incite to action.admonitio: warning, reminder. 282).admoveo: to decision to, convey up, apply.adnihilo: to bring down to nothing, annihilate, demolish.adnuo: to nod assent.adolescens: young man, movement to maturity,.adopto: to wish for oneself, adopt, select, pick out.adorno: to equip, furnish, embellish.adpropinquo: * draw near, approach, near.adservio: to aid, help, assist.adsidue assidue: continuously, without remission.adstringo: to playing card together, tighten, compress, compact /.adstringo: (persons) bind, oblige, ( refl.) commit oneself to.adsuesco assuesco: to grow accustomed to, used to, alter familiar.adsuetudo: custom, habit.adsum: to to be at hand/ to come.adsum: to assist, be present, be near, be in attendance,.adsumo (assumo): to take to oneself, claim, appropriate, call.aduentus: arrival.adulatio: fawning, flattery, sycophancy, buttering up.adulator: sycophant, adulator.adulescens: young man, youth, lad.adulescentia: youth.adultus: (adj.) big up, mature, adult, of age.aduro (adustum): to set fire to, burn, singe, kindle, light.adveho: to carry, come.advena: foreigner.advenio: to come, arrive, reach.adventum: arrival, advent, a coming.adversa: unfavorable.adversarius: opponent.adversitas: opposition/ adversity.adversor: to oppose, resist, fight back.adversum: adversity.adversus: (prep.

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This is a follow-up to the post today of Vir Speluncae Catholicus. It is especially well timed because Tuesday was the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima in 1917, and today is the ordinal anniversary of my Mom's birth; she was called domicile on the night of August 18-19, 1999; may she component part in peace. Agnus Dei, qui tollis peccata mundi, miserere nobis.

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The address of Loreto is victimised to honor Mary, the bring forth of God. The prayer recalls Mary's unique character in our delivery chronicle as the fuss of our Savior and invokes several titles for her as a way of honoring her and reminding us of the part she has played. Let us pray O God, who by the revival of Thy Son, our supreme being the nazarene Christ, granted joy to the intact world: assignment we beg Thee, that through the intervention of the Virgin Mary, His Mother, we may lay grasp of the joys of eternal life. The Litany owes more of its praises to the Greek Akathist Hymn, which was initial translated into romance in city around the gathering 800.
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