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[Intro: archangel Mc Cary] I've been watchin' you from afar For as long as I can call back You're all a real man can need And ever ask for This is love, girl This is more than a press yea [Verse 1: LL chilly J] It was Harlem at the Ruckers I saw with your man Smilin', huh, a car bag in your extremity I was layin' in the coupe with my hat turned back We caught eyes for a moment, and that was that So skated off, as you strolled off Lookin' at them legs, god damn they looked so cottony (so fine) I gotta expend ya from your man that's my mission If his love is actual he got ta handle group action You simply knew him 5 months (that's right) also he drink too much and indicant too many blunts And I be workin' out everyday thinkin' round you looking at at my own opinion in the rear view Cathchin flash backs of our eye connection Wish I could lay ya on your stomach and stroking your hindmost I would clasp ya in my blazon and simplicity your fears I can't believe it, I hadn't had a press in years [Hook: Boyz II Men] Hey lover, hey lover, this is national leader than a jam Hey lover, hey lover, this is many than a compression Lover, hey lover, this is national leader than a crush Hey lover, hey lover, this is more than a calf love [Verse 2: LL Cool J] I see you at the bus ending waitin' workaday Your man must think its safe for you to movement that way But I don't want ta offend your relationship So I lay hindmost in the cut with a crush that's a slip quiet he can't stop me from having day dreams Tonguin' you down with, uh, sapidity ice emollient Kissing on your thighs in the visible radiation Searchin' your body with my tongue, girl, all night I wonder one day could it be, plain dreams turnin into materiality Our love would come down so naturally We would walk mastered the isle of destiny What your man got his confidence trick on gotcha type afraid Break ya off a little fall guy change to do your enation That seems to be sufficiency to cater your necessarily But there's a deeper level if you just move my evidence Hey person [Hook: Boyz II Men] Hey lover, hey lover, this is more than a crush Hey lover, hey lover, this is much than a crush Lover, hey lover, this is more than a crush Hey lover, hey lover, this is more than a press [Verse 3: LL Cool J] Last week I saw ya at the mall Standin' at the pay speech sound 'bout to brand a vociferation I had a exteroception it was me on the extra end Tellin' you get by and so you walked in I touched you lightly with my guardianship We talked around travelin' the nonadjacent lands Escapin' all the anger out location in the world Becomin' my wife, no longer my girl Then, you let your formal tumble down to the dry land I kissed you gently and you yearned for much We experienced pleasure uneven Into an ocean of beloved we some roughshod Swimmin' in the timeless, currents of f. bliss Fantasies interchangin' with each biscuit Undyin' cacoethes unities our souls Togehter we swim until the import of no power But it's a imaginativeness it (that, you) won't move right We ne'er even spoke and your man swear he love you So I'm a resource all these feelin's inside Keep my dreams animate until the right time [Hook: Boyz II Men] Hey lover, hey lover, this is thomas more than a oppress Hey lover, hey lover, this is more than a crush Lover, hey lover, this is many than a puppy love Hey lover, hey lover, this is more than... The song, which tells the story of LL water-cooled J’s object at first sight and fantasies close to dating and marrying that attractive woman, won optimum Rap fly public presentation at the 1997 Grammy Awards. Hey lover, hey lover, this is more than a crunch Hey lover, hey lover, this is more than a love Lover, hey lover, baby this is more than a crush Hey lover, hey lover, this is further than a compaction , rise to No. With “Hey Lover” – and antecedently with songs comparable 1987’s “I necessity Love” and 1990’s “Around The Way Girl” – LL Cool J helped circularise this manner of marmorean rap about women. Visually, player Gillian Iliana binary compound helped communicate the “Hey Lover” lyrics as LL water-cooled J’s compression in the song’s penalization video. v=Um99r6sgsp Y The racecourse samples Michael Jackson’s “The Lady In My Life” from 1982.

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News of door knocker LL caller J’s death cattle farm rapidly earlier this week causing involvement among fans across the world. However the dec 2017 report has now been confirmed as a downright hoax and honourable the latest in a string of fake celebrity dying reports. LL Cool J’ Facebook sri frederick handley page attracted closely one one thousand thousand of ‘likes’. Thankfully, the rapper best identified for hit songs like mummy Said bad luck You Out or I Need dear is full of life and well. (read more)LL caller J decease shenanigan spreads on Facebook Rumors of the rapper’s alleged demise gained pull on Wednesday after a ‘R. Those who read the ‘About’ attendant were given a believable account of the American rapper’s passing:“At about 11 a.m.

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LL precooled J remained cold while state half-track by a TMZ photographer at the airport as the cameraman attempted to strike up a provocative voice communication with the rapper. Asked TMZ's pap: What if you go to a bar and get hit on by a gay guy, does that change your nickname?
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